Blogging: Cobblers and their ill-shod children

I recently attended a great workshop at Camp Tech on some important behind-the-scenes geeky stuff that social media folks need to know.  And as happens at any quality workshop, I came away with a LONG to-do list about how to improve my work, and how to help my clients more effectively with their communications.

First up:  must practice what I preach.  Blogs matter. They are a simple way to stay in touch with customers and clients, to share your expertise with the world, to humanize your business.  I haven’t been blogging for Your Story Here because I have been helping my clients with theirs (hence the mention of cobblers … do you know that reference?).  Shame on me. Time for some shoes right here.

So let’s begin.  As I regularly tell new clients,  the first blog is always the hardest, and  I am glad this particular one is taken care of. More to come, of course.  And I am always interested to hear what you have to say, and to answer questions, so please free to chime in at any time.

(photo credit @ Little Scandinavian, Primrose Hill London, sourced from Google Images. Credit where it is due. Always.)

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