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I am sorry to see this happening. Dear gentle folk who are cranking out urgent pushes for email list verifications in order to be compliant with the new anti-spam law (aka CASL) before July 1: Please. Stop. Wait. Think. Today

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Will your words come back to haunt you?

The internet never forgets.  And it is especially fond of remembering comments that you made on YouTube when you were up late at night working on a complex project, and while on a brain break,  viewed something that set off

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New Facebook privacy considerations

Facebook’s “graph search” is now rolled out and running. This new feature makes your information more searchable than ever, perhaps in ways that you don’t want, drawing on your “likes” and tags. Huffington Post  has written one of the better

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Excellent infographic for the long weekend!


My artist chum Kinnon Elliott makes really fantastic infographics (for those who don’t know what an infographic is, it’s a type of illustration that explains a big pile of information with the help of pleasing visuals, a smart narrative, and

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Summer’s coming. What’s your online reputation management plan?

YSH-180x180-v2 2013

Because online reputations do not take a vacations. Ah, the May long weekend.  Happy times in Canada.  In Toronto, everything is bursting into bloom (though my friends in BC have been gloating about their gardens for WEEKS, the meanies). Harsh

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Words have power … choose them well!

word cloud

The Power of Words I think we can sometimes forget the power of words we use. We know (or should know) to steer away from language that sexist, racist, homophobic, or otherwise bigoted or hurtful.  But do you ever stop

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Giving Credit: how to handle copyright right

Giving credit where it’s due is a biggie for me, as I have said before, and copyright matters. Here is an excellent article on one way to do it right, and it uses my friend John’s Vintage Social Media cartoon

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What Not to #Tweet

While this article was directed at not-for-profits, the tips are good for anyone. I am particularly fond of advising people against too much automation:  remember that it’s “social” media, not machine media.  Take the time to craft your message for

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Copyright: Do You Have Permission to Use that Photo?

A cautionary tale for you today, my friends, about public domain and using other people’s photographs on your website or blog. A client of mine who has a really elegant website has now received four different letters from lawyers, stating

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The value of LinkedIn for business-to-business communications

An interesting article on the value of LinkedIn for business-to-business communications. Many members just use LinkedIn as a virtual Rolodex … but it can be so much more if you actively participate in discussions (or start some!) Click to read: 

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