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My name is Lisa Nabieszko (pronounced nabby-ES-ko). Web-Res1548 edited

I am a professional writer and communications strategist with over 25 years of experience in helping people tell their stories.  I have spent most of my career in promotion, non-profit management, and event planning.

I have written and edited hundreds of funding applications for non-profits (no exaggeration: 30-40 per year for 13 years, and then some), press releases, comprehensive strategic reviews and annual reports, along with eblasts, newsletters, study guides, speeches, deputations, position papers, blogs, web content, hotel and restaurant reviews,  and … probably a few other things along the way.

A real specialty of mine is matching message to audience: you speak to stakeholders differently than you talk to colleagues or staff, and to potential donors differently than you talk to college chums.  I can help you find the right choice of words and tone of voice  for any given circumstance.

And when it comes to finding your way around social media, I make it easy and fun, so that you can connect with your target audience, customers, clients, prospects, fans, friends, whoever it is you want/need to hear your message, using only the platforms that are appropriate for your situation.

I am a full member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada.

I was twice-nominated for the Chalmers Award for Arts Administration, and am the proud holder of a Harold Award  for Notable Contribution to the Toronto Theatre Community.  I am still waiting for my nomination  for Mother of Year … 14 years and counting ….

I am also a potter, gardener, cat owner ( if cats can be said to be owned), traveler, reader, cook, flamenco enthusiast, and sometimes activist. I love art and architecture, jazz, cheese, noodles, steampunk, but not necessarily all  at the same sitting. I am not afraid of spiders.

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