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The world of business communications is often fraught with buzzwords and jargon that can interfere with a full understanding of your intended message.  I think that in many cases, people adopt the mindset that ‘business to business’ or ‘business to consumer’  means talking like machines.

But businesses don’t talk to each other: people do. And consumers are not nameless or faceless; they are people too. Every form of communication involves people connecting with people.

I specialize in clean, clear, humanizing language that engages your readers and expresses your message effectively. Clients and colleagues frequently comment on my ability to find just the right words for the right circumstance, and it’s something that I love doing.

I have written, ghostwritten and edited a wide variety of materials over the years:

  • Annual reports
  • Newsletters (electronic and conventional)
  • Expressions of Interest
  • Press releases
  • Company profiles
  • Bios & LinkedIn profiles
  • Strategic plans
  • Web content
  • Social media content including blogs, Wikis, Facebook posts and tweets.

I have also helped clients with  more delicate wordings, like notices of restructuring (so important to have the right phrasing when you are delivering hard news).  I can also translate technical language into words that are accessible to a mainstream audience without dumbing down, and can create materials that are formal enough for CEO-level discourse.

Whether you need written materials for a single project or on an ongoing basis, for you as an individual or for your company,  I can help you devise a communications strategy that is right for you.  No project is too big or too small. And if your project needs design as well, I can recommend some excellent colleagues to  bring the project to completion.

So let’s talk.  Let’s see how I can make you shine in words.

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