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Writing for the Internet is not like writing for traditional communications vehicles like newsletters or emails.

You’ve probably heard the word “engagement” a lot. “Engagement” really just means having a conversation with your customers/clients/etc in a way that they find interesting, and then responding promptly, professionally, and respectfully when they talk back, whether you like what they say or not.

Social media is not a fad; it’s a whole new world of communication possibilities that is here to stay. Some folks (usually the ones calling themselves gurus or ninjas or experts) would have you believe it’s all very complicated. My focus is on social media made simple.

I can help you manage your online communications in so many ways:

  • teach you about the various social media options
  • devise a social media strategy that is right for you
  • write or edit web content, blogs, tweets and posts that match your mission
  • with my international partners, monitor your online presence 24/7 and stand in for ‘you’ when you cannot be there
  • coach you in developing effective, personable online content
  • be your voice online when you feel tongue-tied
  • promote the heck out of you in online and traditional media if that is what you need
  • advise on a range of promotional strategies
  • develop excellent email content if that is the best way to reach your people
  • connect you with other trusted professionals as needed
  • help you build your community and manage your online reputation

And there are lots of ways we can work together:  single-serving brainstorming meetings;  tailor-made packages of writing/editing/advising;  ongoing support charged on a flat monthly rate; training and workshops for you and your people.

Let’s talk about what you struggle with, and come up with some solutions.

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